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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Review on XBOX

Couple of years ago, Nintendo came up with the wiimote preferred by kids with age between 10 and 15 years. Later, Sony’s Eyetoy became popular among the gaming crowd. Many hardcore and casual gamers prefer dashboard with standard controls. Gaming accessories like the thumb sticks and triggering equipment used in the XBOX 360 is what many online as well as offline gamers prefer. These controllers are quite rugged and don’t easily break off. They are useful for tough warfare games.

Cynical gamers in E3 prefer hardcore next generation gaming controllers. The gaming world is curiously waiting for feeling the XBOX ONE hands-free gaming controller with the state-of-the-art Kinetic 2.0 to be released during this year ending. Reviews about Microsoft’s gaming controller called “The Duke controller” used in oldest XBOX consoles has a not-so-happening track record while compared to its upgraded ones.

The XBOX360 slim – a hybrid version

The new XBOX 360 slim a hybrid version of the original XBOX 360, has more benefits over its previous version. Microsoft has beautifully constructed this new console with glossy black body covering. Both side covers of this new Xbox come with thin angled fin strips cut on the side covers for better air ventilation. It is sold at an affordable retail price of $299 inside a well enclosed boxing. 
Getting to the engineering part, motherboard of this gaming console is equipped with a Hard Drive capacity of 250 GB along with a built-in 802.11n WiFi. The wireless game controller dashboard is well finished with black color including the joysticks comparing with the old XBOX360 joystick controller which has gray finish. This latest hybrid XBOX 360 console has black colored power breaker equipment smaller in size than the original with a power cable. It also comes with two double AA batteries for the controlling dashboard.  Secondary accessories like the all black headset and standard definition HD video cable with the audio jack pins to bridge this latest hybrid XBOX 360 with the HDTV.  

To get the real experience of this wonderful gaming console, one can own an XBOX and enjoy the favorite games both online as well as offline.     

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