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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Importance of flashing an XBOX 360 gaming console

Having owned an XBOX 360 for 300$, a gamer always feels excited to unpack the brand new enclosed unit and begin the gaming journey. Though the gaming console runs all high quality games at required speed without a lag, no video gaming backup CDs are compatible with this unit. This is where the importance of flashing an XBOX360 gaming console comes into play.

XBOX 360 is the most popular gaming console used by both hardcore and casual gamers in the US and the UK. Being the best gaming unit, Microsoft has programmed it to perform many more functions than just executing video game CDs. A flashed XBOX 360 console is engineered to execute and run backed up CDs. Implementation of flashing technology has huge benefits for all new gamers as well as the hardcore gaming community. 

A flashed console of XBOX 360 can successfully run gaming CDs possessing different region codes. Other than that, this upgraded design has capacity to download and play games which are available in torrents. This exquisite flash equipped gaming console has added advantage of downloading and playing music videos and movies of varied types.  

Before taking a step further, it is important for gamers to know about flashing an XBOX360. Downloading and installing a firmware upgrading software improvises the existing software with more functions and exhibits the above mentioned functions. On Google searching about firmware upgrading software, a video gamer can come across plenty downloading options which perform the same function and results are same.

Newbie gamers with their first XBOX 360 console on a table need to be extra cautious when opening the enclosed unit for flashing. If the DVD drive inside breaks or gets stuck up, there are chances of warranty period getting void. Being a newbie XBOX 360 owner, it’s important for the individual to vouchsafe an encrypted key connected to the particular drive. Losing it may resemble the XBOX 360 as a dead brick. Firware upgrading software like the popular Jungle flasher can be downloaded followed with backing up the key to proceed further.

Nowadays, XBOX360 gaming console is attached with either of the three most popular branded DVD drives like the BENQ, a Lite-On or a Samsung. It won’t be a surprise to observe an old modeled Hitachi drive connected with this marvelous gaming instrument.

For checking the above mentioned brands, the newbie user has to find for the marked hole by unscrewing the DVD drive. Lite-On DVD drives come with yellow cables, gray cables or white colored ones is an indication for BENQ and for Samsung its red/black colored. All three brands are compatible with Microsoft’s XBOX 360. 

Tools like Torx screwdrivers (7, 10, 12) sizes, firware upgrading software and computer with SATA type connectors are essential for upgrading a normal XBOX360 into a flash type. The XBOX360 DVD drive power lead should be within the drive itself and the main power chord of the gaming unit should be plugged in the outlet but retained in Off position. Unplug and disengage the cable connecting the XBOX360 console and the DVD drive. Cross wired SATA cables should be used for connecting the SATA port in the PC with the DVD drive in the console unit.

The XBOX owner can check for green light flashing after turning ON the console. During this stage, the console shifts to Mode B and the computer begins to perceive the DVD drive. The drive starts to boot up on turning the computer ON. It’s a great experience for all types of gamers may it be casual or hardcore.  


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