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Friday, July 12, 2013

XBOX360 – Teens getting glued to video games

At the first release of the XBOX 360 gaming console in 2005, huge crowd had gathered at the arena from different parts of the US to witness the unleashing of this fantastic unit. Sales of this console skyscraping to meet the demand. Since then, the XBOX 360 has been a household property of each resident in the US. Right from adolescents to oldsters, everyone prefers playing their favorite video games on this well designed gaming console.

In the US, a countrywide survey report on the XBOX video gaming reveals teens getting glued to video games. Video games like the GTA IV, The Call of Duty series, Forza motorsport-3, Halo-3 and Far Cry 3 exhibit real life experience to the player. Let’s read through some gaming titles and how good they perform with the XBOX 360 console.

 With a massive 1.2 teraflops of game processing power and 8-core, 1.6 GHz chip with a GPU configuration of 768 thread-packing, role playing video games like the GTA-IV create an awesome gaming environment for the teens to get the full advantage of the XBOX 360 console.

The best part of this XBOX 360 video game is the innovative remodeling of The Liberty City having resemblances of places in New York City. Apart from this, deletion of unwanted spaces such as the desert and countryside areas within the gaming program has been well appreciated by gamers. With high quality graphics and illustrations, it has replaced the previous version. Story of this game is centered on a layman called Nicko Bellic who lands in the US with desire to make more money but eventually turns into a gangster indulging in corruption and crime.  

The game has awesome features like open world gaming and has elements extracted from driving games and third person shooter. The seventh generation games like the above were released in late 2005. To enjoy the game of GTA IV, it is worth owning an XBOX 360 and experience the virtually real sequences of shooting in real time. 

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