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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

XBOX ONE – will it succeed in ASIA?

XBOX series being more popular among gamers in western countries hasn’t done enough to win the hearts of gamers in the Asian continent. Sources say that the two gaming giants Microsoft and Sony are releasing their corresponding gaming consoles the XBOX ONE and the PlayStation 4 before 2014. Such important news in the gaming world may lead to downfall of PC gaming era and the birth of new generation gaming consoles. This is so because PC must be upgraded in both ways hardware and software till certain limits and the incompatibility of components are the two major concerns.

Couple of years back, the time when the XBOX 360 and the PS3 had stepped in, the latter was more preferred over Microsoft’s dedicated gaming kit in the Asian market. Both gaming units perform the same functions. Online version of the corresponding gaming console makes a huge difference. The XBOX 360 has an online version named as XBOX LIVE where gamers are permitted to play after subscribing. While, the Sony’s version of online gaming is free for all.

In the recently organized event by Microsoft on the XBOX ONE gaming console, not much information was revealed about the gaming console. Officials of Microsoft stressed more on the non-gaming attributes rather pitching on the gaming part which the normal gamers enjoyed whereas the expectation was high with hardcore gamers. Thereby doubtful questions arise XBOX ONE- will it succeed in Asia? Contrasting lifestyle in the US and the UK where most of the houses have more number of rooms than the normal ones when compared with those in Asian countries. The slimness of PS4 is appreciated by Asian countries.

The third reason availability of cable connections. Certain parts of Asia does lack proper cable connections for accessing the internet whereas in the US and the UK never such problem has been noticed. So, chance for the XBOX ONE to succeed in the Asian market appears to be murky. The release of PS4  by Sony is what every Asian is longing for.     

To wrap up, though this article maybe a bit criticizing about the XBOX ONE, we can wait till this year ending for knowing the actual stats after its release. Prediction is quite difficult.

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