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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

XBOX 360 or PS3 or Nintendo Wii U – Gift for all

With high quality warfare games like the Call of Duty series and the Counterstrike, strategic games such as the GTA series and sports games like FIFA‘13 releasing in the market, video gaming consoles like the XBOX360 or PS3 are recommended.

Nintendo Wii U, a gaming console that mainly suits for preteens and teens. They prefer playing popular games like Mario and lawn tennis. It’s surprising to say that even adults enjoy the games like Wii sports resort and cycling. It’s overall a family oriented gaming console. What would be a better gift for teens during special occasions ‘The Christmas gift’.

It’s a head or tail battleground for the XBOX 360 and the PS3 when it comes to adolescent gaming community. The gaming console has to adapt long hour gaming, loading speed and quality of processing. It’s quite mystifying for these hardcore pre-adult gamers choosing the best console as both have their good and bad points.

The Good side of XBOX360:

KINETIC is the key component in the XBOX360 gaming console which makes it a distinct gaming tool over its competitors. All popular games can be played hands-free with this revolutionary tool. Online gaming with this exquisite console is what many hardcore gamers lookout for. Though it’s a subscription system, gamers can have a good time chatting with members at the other end whether they are in the same group or the opponent. Thereby plan a strategy and tackle the opponent’s gaming mindset. Both types of chatting rooms like party and private chat is accessible for gamers contesting online. But, it couldn’t fulfill the expectations.

PlayStation 3 console more popular among the adult:

From the date of its release, the PlayStation3 has become the preferred gaming console among the adult hardcore gamers. This gaming platform is mainly used for running games like the Call Of Duty Black Ops II and similar ones belonging to the same genre, programmed with high quality graphics and compatible with consoles like the PS3. This sophisticated equipment can play quality Blu-Ray DVDs may it be the above mentioned game that needs high processing speed to avoid lag (hang). These are considered to be advantages over the competitive the XBOX360 version. Though its online multiplayer version is free, the company is unable maintain its high standards. Here’s where the XBOX360 takes a forward step though Microsoft only permits subscribed gamers.    

With the Nintendo releasing Wii U much earlier, survey results have revealed that it isn’t quite popular among the hardcore gamers habituated to immersive/lively ones like the C.O.D series. While the members in family environment love playing on this beautiful console. 

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