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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Right from the beginning of electronic gaming devices other than the Japanese Atari and other PC related games, XBOX and its upgraded versions like XBOX 360 manufactured by Microsoft and its competitive hardliner Sony have been defending their respective top rankings in the gaming world. Both have been locking horns for the number one spot on the basis of sales and demand.

Stories about Microsoft’s new gaming console the XBOX ONE is already riffing in the gaming world. Department of game programmers in Microsoft has been dedicating its full time on constructing the new console equipment, and it’s said that the XBOX ONE will set its rivals a run for their money, dubbed as ‘the next generation’ of electronic gaming tech. There’s always a trace of factual information disguised at the back of most fabricated stories. It can be appreciated and considered in the declaration.

For the past couple of years, engineering study and working on electronic circuit boards of the XBOX ONE has been in progress. Hopefully, by this year ending, Microsoft may announce releasing of this fascinating gaming equipment. Bits and pieces of such information is enough to build up the desire and thrill in the mindset of gaming maniacs.

Nothing can be said unless Microsoft officially places the full fledged XBOX ONE gaming console in the open market. The market controllers have been speculating on the exact name of this ‘next generation’. Some say it must be XBOX infinity, while the others The XBOX ONE or XBOX720. 

From the rumor point of view, leak out of some crucial information such as 1.2 teraflops processing power in the XBOX ONE will be proportional higher than its counterpart Nintendo Wii U’s processing power is worthy. While, technical features like the 8-core, 1.6 GHz chip with a GPU configuration of 768 thread-packing is quite amazing to hear being a gaming technocrat.

Unofficial information like incorporation of kinetic 2.0 in this eye-catcher is increasing curiosity in gamers mind. Though such rumors blaze out in the heated gaming market, we got to wait till the exact moment when this powerful gaming console steps in.

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